Lookah Seahorse Pro accessories kit

There aren't enough anti-smoking campaigns, and the available ones aren't compelling enough to convince smokers to give up. Fact that tobacco smoke includes hazardous chemicals, may damage the heart, lungs, and even cause cancer, quitting this habit is tough. Smokers now have an alternative: they may inhale without ingesting hazardous.

Lookah seahorse accessories kit is all you need in this era of technology for the consumers of tobacco. Everything you need to connect the Seahorse Pro pen to the water pipe is included in accessories that are much loved. You'll have plenty of space to work with thanks to the 24cm connecting hose which enables you to connect. The tip adapter fits over the mouthpiece of your Seahorse pro. This package additional glass mouthpiece in case the user needs one.

What you will see inside the packaging:

In case lose some accessories. ThisLookah Seahorse Pro accessories set provides with all you need, since it comes with a game case, shirt, and sunglasses. Everything you need for that item is included in this accessory package. Everything you need to customize your Lookah Seahorse Pro purchase is included. This adapter, tip, connecting hose, and glass tube mouthpiece all come as part of this accessory kit. With this complete accessory kit, you'll have everything you need to get started: a connecting hose, glass tube mouthpiece, and a concentrate adapter tip. This Lookah Seahorse pro accessories package offer includes a connecting hose that allows you to be a part of it, working together with other water pipe-attached Lookah users.


14/18mm Adapter

Adapter Tip

Hose connection (approximately 24cm)

Seahorse Pro Mouthpiece (Glass Tube)

Who is looking for something that sticks out in a crowd

If you're looking to add some sparkle to your smoking accessory collection, the gold versions provide an eye-catching splash of luxury that will add some bling to any smoking accessory kit you must add LOOKAH seahorse.

If you need something tacky for your smoking accessories kit, LOOKAH seahorse is the item for you. Do you have any reservations about the color you'd want to choose for your Seahorse Pro? You may add a kaleidoscope burst of color to your dabbing experience by using the limited edition Tie-dye color.

Camo special forces Camo variant is available in limited quantities, so get your hands on it if you can. Choose from the list of gold, purple, tie-dye camo and add to the cart.

Do you have a hard time choosing a color for your Seahorse Pro? Kaleidoscopic hue adds a burst of color to your dabbing experience when you choose Tie-dye limited edition as your color choice. Grab the Camo model for the special troops for a dabbing contest. Choose from the color palette and choose the tie-dye camo pattern. Then, add to your cart.

Types of modes of goods in kit:

Modes of products include three types: The Seahorse kit comes with two different modes, which are as follows:

  • Manual
  • automatic

To set up the Auto Mode, do the following steps:

Step 1: Press the power button three times.

Lookah can provide users with the finer ceramic or quartz coils of the Seahorse Pro thanks to the cartridge thread. The Seahorse PRO kit is a powerful vape pen with many features. Although there is more content in the kit than in the first-generation, The top of the list goes to the Seahorse wax pen.

Offered accessoires:

We offer accessories for all glass bongs and dab rigs, as well as for all 510-compatible cartridges. The features of accessory kits include: You may choose between the seahorse PRO's quartz dab coil, which provides the most smoothness for healthier, better dabbing, or the seahorse PRO's ceramic dab coil, which is included in the package and is likewise quartz. You may buy replacement coils on our website.

The electric honey straw device (650mah) is equipped with a 3.7-volt rechargeable battery, which is included in the package. The dab battery features a variable voltage 510-thread battery with a resistance of 1.2, letting you control the voltage between 3.2, 3.6, and 4.1 V. Also, you have the option of selecting between a manual or automatic session.

You can see the wax evaporate when you use the mouth pipe since it is made of glass. This seems to be a high-end dabber with easy cleaning instructions. In order to provide you a distinct and good flavor for each session, you must try new things each time. or 'dabbing' instruments The key to using Seahorse Pro is to choose how hot you want your wax and then add a little of wax or concentrate to the tip.


It is very compatible with all other 510 thread cartridges. Which allows you to vape while still get a cool sensation. It has a 950mAh battery. You will be using many sessions before its battery gets low.

The Seahorse Max percolator dab is the pen in the accessories which is ideal for ripping huge dabs without searing heat or coughing. Make sure that you have burn concentrates off the quartz tip after each dab. Make sure it lasts as long as possible for sessions. If concentrates are left on the tip or within airways, they may solidify, perhaps ruining or wearing out the coil prematurely.