The pandemic issue

 The Pandemic Issues The world after the pandemic Covid 19 has totally changed .To safe from this pandemic social distance is considered compulsory. Wearing masks is the main source of preventing from the transition of the virus. Masks are also damn compulsory during work and study, in offices and in schools and colleges.

The WHOCOVID-19 Clinical management recommends that social distance is the main key of the prevention from the pendemic.Masks are also imposed as a compulsory during work and study. Schools are the sensitive area because while regarding the children’s parents are very touchy. There are two schools of thoughts,
1; Schools should be allowed to require masks,
2; to wear a mask should be child, parents concern;

Schools should be allowed to require masks;
First we will see if it is reliable to provide masks children by schools and make them wear some extent it may be useful to keep protect children from Covid.
Recent ally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that masks be worn indoors in schools by all teachers, staff, students and visitors, regardless of vaccination status.
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also enforces parents to send their children in masks.
To sum up, through all these perspectives, it will be a good step to make schools require and enforce masks to children.
To wear a mask should be child, parents concern;
Our second group of thoughts says that, it should be totally parent’s decision about wearing masks. The main reason it is that parents know very well about their child’s mental and physical size can’t fit all the children. Masks should cover the nose and mouth and wear all the day which gets wet. Some children may cause some headache and mental problems.
WHO and UNICEF advice that younger children may not wear masks.
So, parents should be allowed to take decision about wearing mask because they know their child’s mental and physical health very well.

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